Private pharmacies will not be able to sell medicines via the Internet – Roszdravnadzor

Частные аптеки не смогут продавать лекарства через интернет, - Росздравнадзор

Individual entrepreneurs can not apply for pharmaceutical activity for use in remote format. This was during an online conference said the head of the Territorial body of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health of the Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol Vasily Klimov.

– A key that all documents for the implementation of this activity are submitted electronically. With the use of a reinforced qualified electronic signature via the website of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health. There is such a possibility. Entrepreneurs need to carefully study the resolution of the Russian government No. 697 dated may 16, 2020, – said Klimov.

Among the requirements that apply to pharmacy institutions intending to carry out the sale of drugs online, Klimov listed the following:

– First, the organization must have the license for retail pharmaceutical activity with a validity of at least a year. A new license is not necessary, they obtain permission. (…) Second, such points carry out activities of pharmaceutical activities, pharmacies, pharmacies, kiosks, points must be at least 10 in Russia or in the Russian Federation. This does not apply to IP. That is, PI cannot apply for a pharmaceutical activity for use in remote format, – said Klimov.

Also among the mandatory conditions of the premises, which are orders for shipment, must comply with the rules of storage of medicines must have an Internet site or mobile applications, electronic payment systems or mobile terminals, the availability of the courier service, or by private contract:

– This Express service needs to be provided with everything necessary for drug delivery. Is and bags, and thermogradient, thermo-appropriate storage of drugs, – said Klimov.