Private service company will press KP Zhilmassiv

Частная обслуживающая компания потеснит КП Жилмассив

In Melitopol city Council members on the budget Committee meeting to decide the question of relocation of the CP housing estate in the premises of the former housing Department №4.

The fact that from January 1, most of the city in the contest caters to the private company OOO “Project and construction company Aquired”. Whereas in the past year, this company served only at home in the New Melitopol, but KP “Zhilmassiv” this time went to the military camp and lower part of the city.

Last year, the CP Community made repairs in-house on Gogol street 136-A, placed there abonviddil. Now the city authorities offered to provide these facilities, as well as those that are located at street 1-A rental LLC “Project-construction company Aquired”.

That to utilities, he proposed to occupy the premises of the former housing Department №4. Deputies decided the question of the transfer of funds for repairs to these premises.

On the basis of the former housing Department No. 4 will be located the machine and tractor Park KP housing estate, explained to deputies the chief of uzhkh Alex Egimbaev.