Privatization of “Ukrspirt” can bring at least 5 billion – the office of the President

Приватизация "Укрспирта" может принести не менее 5 миллиардов - Офис президента

In the Office of the President are counting on the Parliament bill on de-monopolization of the alcohol industry next week and the beginning of training “Ukrspirt” for privatization.

This was at the briefing said the Deputy head of the Yulia Kovaliv OP.

“According to our estimates, the privatization of “Ukrspirt” will bring us no less than 5 billion UAH”, – she said.

“Now the production of alcohol is carried out by the state enterprise “Ukrspirt”, while in another law we have stated that all licenses for alcohol production can be granted only to state-owned enterprises.

In fact, in terms of liberalisierung of alcohol production in Ukraine to sell “Ukrspirt” only for scrap. we hope that next week the law on de-monopolization of the alcohol industry will be adopted and in the package this will be made &8203;&8203;preparations for the privatization of “Ukrspirt”, – said Koval.


On 23 October, the acting Director of state enterprise “Ukrspirt” was appointed Sergei Bleskun instead of Yuri Luchechko; on the same day, the government dismissed the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Agrarian Fund” Andrey Radchenko.

Minekonomiki in the framework of reforming the alcohol industry offers to install surveillance cameras on all working distilleries and gps trackers on vehicles.

President Vladimir Zelensky submits a bill intended to liberalise activity in the sphere of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol.

Earlier, the economy Ministry said that the state can earn 6-7 billion in privatization of “Ukrspirt”.