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PRO-PARTY "M1 Music Awards. 4 Seasons": оголошено список номінантів - 24 Канал

November 15 in Kiev will host a pre-party to the main music award of Ukraine PRO-PARTY “M1 Music Awards. 4 Seasons”. In addition to the names of the winners in the declared nominations, event organizers will name the contenders already on the award M1 Music Awards, which will take place on 1 December.

PRO-PARTY of the awards ceremony M1 Music Awards will take place at 19:00 and the live broadcast can be seen on channel M1. In the framework of social events for the fourth consecutive year, announce the names of the best professionals of show business.

The organizers of the annual award were channel M1 and the company “Tavria Games” and representatives of the companies have already defined the names of those people whose work behind the scenes life on the stage started a little earlier than appeared on the scene known to all performers. Therefore, we offer you a list of the best figures in the music industry in 8 categories.

The list of nominees PRO-PARTY M1 Music Awards 2018:

Nomination “Music Video”:

– Alan Badoev (NK #atmanaki, ALEKSEEV – “Forever,” Michelle Andrade – “Musica”)

Elena Vinarskaia (DOROSH – “Eyelashes”, Oleg Vinnik – “You know,” BB “Cobet”)

– Tanu Muino (Time and Glass “Troll”, MONATIK & Nadia Dorofeeva – “Deep…”, NK “LOMALA”)

MONATIK & Nadia Dorofeeva – “Deep…”: watch online video


Nomination “Producer”:

Alexey Potapenko, Irina Gorovaya (Mozgi, Time and Glass, Michelle Andrade)

– Alexander Gorbenko (Oleg Vinnik)

– Yuri Nikitin (Neangely, Kazka, Olga Gorbachev)

Nomination “Director of photography”:

– Nikita Kuzmenko (MONATIK & Nadia Dorofeeva – “Deep…”)

– Alexey Milokost (Oleksandr Ponomaryov – “Unbelievable”)

Alexander Excavation (ALEKSEEV – “Save”)

ALEKSEEV – “Save”: view video online


Nominated For “Post-Production”:

– A7: TELEVISION (BB – “Cobet”, NIKITA LOMAKIN – “#CHAMELEON”, Oleg Vinnik – “You know”)

– Headshot Studio – Eugene, Alex Verink (NK – “#atamanshi”)

Roman Onufriychuk and Alex Muses (Mozgi – “Polyube”)

Nomination “Producer”:

– Foxx studios (Time and Glass “Troll”, Michelle Andrade – “Stop the whistle”, Alyosha – “Tequila”)

– Monatik Chilibi Sound – Dmitry Montik, Anton CLB, Sergei Eremenko (MONATIK & Nadia Dorofeeva – “Deep…”, MONATIK – “Yes, that’s what crazy”)

– Valeriy Bebko and Jaroslav MAiAK (The Hardkiss – “Ships”)

The Hardkiss – “Ships”: watch online video


Nomination “Choreography”:

– Denis Stulnikov (MONATIK & Nadia Dorofeeva – “Deep…”, Michelle Andrade – “Stop the whistle”)

– Ruslan Makhov (Time and Glass “Troll”)

– Artur Gaspar (Funking Smoothie – “Get Out”)

Nomination “Installation”:

– Inna Grabar (Olga Cybulski – “Dress white”)

– Illarion Efremov (Michelle Andrade – “Stop the whistle”)

– Tanu Muino (Time and Glass “Oh,Boy”)

Time and Glass – “Oh,Boy”: watch online video


Nominated For “Stylist”:

– Tanu Muino (MONATIK & Nadia Dorofeeva – “Deep…” Time and Glass “Troll”, NK “LOMALA”)

Elena Vinarskaia (Oleg Vinnik – “You know”)

Yana Chaplygina (MARUV & BOOSIN – “Drunk Groove”, MARUV – “Focus On Me”)

When will the “M1 Music Awards”?1 Dec at 18:00 in the Sports Palace in Kiev will host the main music awards “M1 Music Awards. 4 Seasons”. The fourth annual event will gather in one hall the best representatives of the music industry. In addition to the awards on the main stage will be such stars as Tina Karol, “Time and Glass”, Monatic, NK|Nastya Kamensky, Gaitan, ALEKSEEV, The Hardkiss, Michelle Andrade, Iryna Bilyk, “Mozgi”, NIKITA LOMAKIN, KADNAY, MARUV, Olga Cybulski, KAZKA, Alexander Ponomarev and “Antibodies”. The chief producer of the music awards was the Ukrainian singer and four-time winner of “M1 Music Awards” Tina Karol.

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