Pro-Russian militants were not allowed OSCE coordinator Frisch three Ukrainians detained in the prison of the occupied Lugansk

Пророссийские боевики не пустили координатора ОБСЕ Фриша к трем украинцам, удерживаемых в тюрьме оккупированного Луганска

Pro-Russian militants did not allow OSCE coordinator in the humanitarian sub-group of the trilateral contact group Tony Frisch to visit three Ukrainian servicemen, the militants are kept in isolation for several years. This was announced by first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and it’s the negotiator in the Minsk process Irina Gerashchenko on April 6 Facebook.

“Today the OSCE coordinator Frisch visited prisons in the occupied city, the militants refused to grant him a meeting with our hostages by Deevy, Ivanchuk, Oridecon, as urged by the Ukrainian side. And allowed to visit only three other illegally detained the hostages,” she wrote.

Gerashchenko added, that the military never allowed the international Committee of the red cross (ICRC) nor the OSCE.

“We have every reason for serious concern by this fact and complete isolation of the Ukrainian military illegally held by the occupation,” she said.

Vice-speaker expressed his indignation at the actions of Russia, which is holding Ukrainians hostage.

She noted that together with representatives of the security Service of Ukraine has drafted letters to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine and OSCE representative to the trilateral contact group Martin Sidiku to protest regarding the non-admission to Ukrainian prisoners of war.

In addition, Gerashchenko said that Frisch “afforded in the occupied Donetsk become the party of anti-Ukrainian propaganda video filming Pro-Russian separatists and the Russian Federation”. This fact, according to her, requires special attention of the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs.

The last major exchange of detainees took place on 27 December 2017. Ukraine traded 233 detainees at 73 Ukrainian hostages.

6 August 2018, the state Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andrei Zayats said that for political reasons in the Russian Federation held on 27 citizens of Ukraine.

30 January 2019 Gerashchenko said that in the occupied territory of Donbas illegally detained hundreds of Ukrainians, but the militants claim that they are not more than 20.