Probably new fighters for Mortal Kombat 11 announce as soon as next week

Вероятно, новых бойцов для Mortal Kombat 11 анонсируют уже на следующей неделе

Already managed to jam to the holes of the original Mortal Kombat 11? If Yes, then we have good news for you – the first batch of postrelease characters will be known very soon.

This was reported in his Twitter Creator of the series ed boon (Ed Boon). According to him, if all goes according to plan, by next week, NeatherRealm Studios announce new characters for MK11, which will be included in the upcoming expansion. However, the exact dates yet.

Except Shang Tsung are yet five characters – they’re all included Kombat Pack, which you can purchase. There also includes a one week early access to DLC characters, seven exclusive skins for heroes and seven sets of gear.

Recall that shortly before the release of the fighting game in the Network seem to have merged a list of all of the DLC fighters: Shang Tsung, Joker, Nightwolf, Terminator, Sindel, Spawn, Ash, Fujin, Sheeva.

Ash from “evil dead” don’t wait – Bruce Campbell (Bruce Campbell), who played the character in the movie and the TV series, the rumor of his appearance in the game denied. So we maybe will see some other ash.