Problems in Bavaria = problems in Germany

Проблемы в Баварии = проблемы в Германии


33 percent approximately as much, according to the survey, can count the Christian social Union in a state election in Bavaria, which will take place on Sunday.

The leader of the CSU, Horst Seehofer such data do not agree and I am sure that traditionally in Bavaria, the ruling party will confirm its popularity in this time.

Analysts believe that the CSU in either case, problems because of the migration issue.

Damien McGuinness, journalist:

“CSU is very clumsily approached this topic. They started with anti-immigrant rhetoric, trying to take away votes from the “Alternative for Germany”. But instead he lost the votes of his own supporters — members of the Church who could speak in support of refugees. They are anti-immigrant rhetoric, the CSU did not like. And the party had to change position because there realized that such a policy is not working. And suddenly they began to criticize the anti-immigrant ADH. And then stopped to raise the issue of migration. And because an abrupt change of course lost even more trust and votes.”

CSU — a traditional ally of the CDU, Angela Merkel, when talking about Germany in General, these parties are always mentioned together. So the problem in Bavaria mean problems in Germany.

Jon Chellgren, Euronews:

“Usually elections in Bavaria no interest: always wins CSU, the question is that how many votes it will take. But this year might turn out not so. And the results of the Bavarian elections will have a major impact on policy in Germany”.

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