Problems with the thyroid to name four obvious characteristic

Проблемы со щитовидкой: названы четыре неочевидных признака

The thyroid gland is an important organ in our body, which is responsible for the regulation of many hormones.

That is why the failure of the thyroid to see is not so difficult. Need only time to react to the signals of the body and in any case not to ignore them.

Sleep problems

Usually the problem can be observed when after sleep you feel more tired than before. Also the failures indicate frequent disruptions of sleep and insomnia. It is best to check the hormones T3 and T4. Often the fault lies in them.

Frequent sweating

Excessive sweating is the main symptom of problems with the thyroid gland. It often talks about her hyperactivity. It works like this: in the blood increases the level of hormones that stimulate the metabolism and increase the energy level. Because of these changes, the body begins to react by sweating. And to hide its intensity is usually impossible by using deodorant.


You can blame yourself for getting too emotional. Sometimes, however, it is not so much about her, how much background excitation that provokes the brain. This occurs because hormones work which is responsible for the thyroid. When it strays, then the anxiety becomes a part of your everyday life.

Problems with the gastrointestinal tract

Many people still don’t know that the thyroid is closely connected with the intestines. The fact that the hormones that the thyroid produces, there are a lot of problems. One of them is the control of the digestive tract. If hormones a lot or a little, the cramping in the area of the intestine may become your permanent problem.