Producers are ready to sell graphics cards at cost: causes

Производители готовы продавать видеокарты по себестоимости: причины

After the “cryptocurrency fever” warehouses AIB partners of AMD and NVIDIA still have a lot of graphics accelerators. For this reason many manufacturers decided to make promotions and greatly reduced the price of the graphics card.

As reported by Overclockers, according to industry sources, some manufacturers will soon begin to sell video cards at a loss. The problem is that the more time it will take to sale, the less will be able to get for graphics cards of the previous generation.

For example, TUL Corporation, known under the brand PowerColor, has increased in January its revenue from 115%, but despite this, completed the first month of 2019 with significant losses.

And the graphics division of Taiwan’s leading vendors over the past two months mostly bring losses.

Производители готовы продавать видеокарты по себестоимости: причины


The results of such decisions. Stale graphics cards from many manufacturers will be able to get roughly to the third quarter. This situation could seriously damage the financial health of manufacturers.

As shown by the latest reports, NVIDIA effectively occurs at the position of “red” and rapidly increase its market share. On the organization of counter-attack in the form of Navi graphics cards from AMD, according to reports, will take about six months.

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