Production of cars fell by 28%

Производство автомобилей упало на 28%

Car factories of Ukraine in February has collected 28% of vehicles less than in the same period of 2019. Just came off the Assembly line 225 vehicles.

This Olfin learned from the message “Ukrautoprom”.

In February, the only domestic manufacturer of passenger cars “Eurocar” has collected 146 vehicles. Compared to February, production fell by 39%.

Commercial vehicles in Ukraine released “Cherkassy bus” and a car plant in Kremenchug. In February, the conveyor Cherkasy went out of the plant two cars of the commercial type (production fell by 60%). KrAZ their data is not open.

In February dipped by only the production of buses. In February, they have produced 77 units, which is 6 units more than last year. The leader in this list the plant “Cherkassy bus” – he produced 30 buses. Then comes the Chernihiv factory and 20 buses, “Jasarovski buses” – 12, “Bogdan” – 10 “ZAZ” – 5 buses.

Also became known the statistics of the Ukrainian automobile industry for 2 months in 2020. So in January and February was released 1077 vehicles. Of them passenger cars – 933, commercial – 10, bus – 134. At the end of two months, the auto industry has fallen by 11% compared to the same period of 2019.

By the way, in January-2020 was published the annual statistics of the Ukrainian automotive industry in 2020. It turned out that this industry operates on 2% of its capacity.

According to the forecast, which Fitch gave back in February, the supply of cars from China will resume in April. However, given the problems in Europe and the USA, the world market may not soon recover. By the way, March 12 it became known that the Italian Fiat completely stopped the production of cars.