Production of the new iPhone may be under threat due to coronavirus

An outbreak of coronavirus in China may jeopardize the production of new Apple phones. It is no secret that a large part of production capacities is concentrated in Apple China, therefore, depends on the situation in the region.

About it reports Bloomberg with reference to the expert of the analytical Agency Moor Insights & Strategy Patrick Moorhead.

Why production of the iPhone under threat

The analyst notes that many models of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch are going to the Foxconn factories and production sites Pegatron Corp, which is located a few hundred kilometers from a closed to a quarantine of the city of Wuhan.

It is reported that the Apple supply chain involved millions of people, most of which last several days is at home, and it is not known, asked whether the company employees to stay home in the future to prevent the spread of the virus.

Производство новых iPhone может быть под угрозой из-за коронавируса

Производство новых iPhone может быть под угрозой из-за коронавируса

The factories of Foxconn, delayutsya products for Apple, the card infected with virus nCoV 2019

According to the representative of Moor Insights & Strategy, the probability of failure in the production chain of Apple is quite high. Problems can arise in the supply of raw materials, manufacturing, Assembly, testing and delivery. The whole thing in a difficult situation that occurred in the country after an intense spread of coronavirus, said the expert.

Patrick Moorhead believes that most likely, Apple will be able to avoid difficulties in production of the iPhone line 12, which is due out in September. But production plans for SE the new iPhone, the release of which is scheduled for February, might be violated. However, rumor has it that Apple is prepared for any extreme situations.

The effect of the virus on tehnosorbent

According to the who for today from the coronavirus died more than a hundred people. Earlier from-for a difficult situation in Hubei Huawei postponed to the end of March, its conference for developers HDC.Cloud 2020. Their employees are also urged to be more careful, the head of Foxconn Terry GOU.

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