Products that can bring your old age

Продукты, которые могут приблизить вашу старость

What products are able to age us before our time?


Cakes, pies, cookies, candy, ice cream, marmalade and many other products make the elastic strands of collagen in a brittle material, which leads to early appearance of wrinkles. In addition to deteriorating the elasticity of the vessel walls, and it contributes to the development of hypertension.

Red meat

Around red meat there are plenty of myths regarding its benefit. However, it is pointless to deny the fact that this meat contains a huge amount of phosphorus, and this adversely affects the kidneys.


The hangover after a wild party is often accompanied by dry mouth. And for good reason, because alcohol literally dries the human body and, however, accelerates the aging process. In order to bring one molecule of alcohol, one must have six water molecules. That’s just almost no one drinks water in such volumes.