Products that help to preserve youthfulness

Продукты, помогающие сохранить молодость

Scientists advise people to eat mostly the so-called “young” products. Writes referring to Chronicle info.

Those who use younger meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, significantly prolong its life. Because these products are easily digestible and nutritious. So, for example, can be compared to the benefits brought to the human body by the use of “young” and “old” leaves of sorrel. Studies show that in the first case in sorrel contains malic acid, and the second oxalic. In addition, in “young” leaves a large number of vitamins C, P and V. significant gains in their properties and “young” meat. Compared to the “old”, it contains a lot more zinc and iodine. But the antinutrients and of roughage in the “young” meat less.

Good to eat and only recently matured broccoli. It includes a tremendous amount of sulforaphane. Also in this product was discovered many essential compounds. Do not forget that small fish contains much less mercury than an adult. Watch your diet and stay healthy.