Products with a high degree of processing increase the risk of death

Продукты с высокой степенью переработки повышают риск смерти

French researchers have published a paper on the influence of cooking method on its usefulness. It turned out that the degree of food processing during cooking can provoke even the risk of death.

Employees of one of the French scientific institutions have studied the influence on the human body they consumed food. Scholars interested in the issue of processing food products, how important it is for life and health. In the course of the work, the experts were able to detect the correlation of ways of processing with the state of human health. The results showed that with increasing the degree of processing of food increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and other premature deaths.

First and foremost, an increased risk was recorded such popular products as cereals, crisps, ready meals, soda. Their researchers were classified as ultra-processed, ready to eat. Part of such goods manufacturers add various chemicals like preservatives and sweeteners. Only one UK these products represent half of the total market. However, such a food, experts believe, increases the risk of stroke by almost 12%. The likelihood of premature death increases by 6%.

As the study argues, ultra-processed foods are not satiating, and Vice versa, causing hunger, its use leads to obesity. Excess weight also causes health problems, mainly due to him suffering heart, and you may have premature death.

In the study of ultra-processing involved scientists from Spain, Australia, Britain. They intend to promote a healthy lifestyle, and seek adoption of appropriate legislation that will give more opportunities for the production and sale of food products with a minimum degree of processing.