Professor of infectious diseases Alexander Duda: There is information that the coronavirus two waves. Relief after disease can return

Профессор-инфекционист Александр Дуда: Есть информация, что у коронавируса две волны. После облегчения болезнь может вернуться


Professor, doctor of medical Sciences, head of Department of infectious diseases of the National Academy of postgraduate education named. P. L. Shupik Alexander Duda told the UNIAN, how to treat coronavirus infection, what symptoms indicate that it is time to the doctor, how to avoid mistakes in the manufacture of antiseptic house, and called the condition under which Ukraine will cope with the epidemic.

Have you seen the news that there are new symptoms of coronavirus? Write that need to see a doctor to contact in case if I lost smell and taste. Is it really so?

It is secondary signs. In the first place that refers to respiratory infections. But the problem is that the mild form there may not be any clinical manifestations. People may not pay attention to the temperature of 37 degrees, weakness. He continues to have contact with others and spread the virus.

There is a very interesting record of the British, one of the first contracted in Wuhan. He spoke of the two waves. First, he had: runny nose, weakness, and conjunctivitis. Then came the improvement. But then increasing cough, chest pain, and breathing became difficult…

Therefore, when the first symptoms should be referred to your family doctor. Must set: whether the patient requires only observation or hospitalization. If the temperature is 38.5 C or above, pain in the chest, call an ambulance. But the diagnosis will be established already in the clinic. Like “ambulance” can do rapid tests at home? This is already a clinic on wheels turns out.

We insist: it is not necessary for patients with mild to stay in the hospital. They should be observed at home. If there are complications, the condition will begin to deteriorate, the patient hospitalitynet.

How difficult is the treatment of coronavirus?

I was struck by an interview with the Italian doctor who works in one of known infectious centres of Europe. He suggests that definitive conclusions will be possible only when we analyze the entire epidemic in all countries.

Now doctors use certain drugs that are used in the treatment of HIV, malaria and rheumatoid arthritis. This is a very expensive medications.

The threat to life arises from the fact that there is pneumonia, and it leads to a lack of oxygen in the body. Need to use artificial ventilation to the patient remained alive.

What worsens the patient’s condition and leads to death? First, acute respiratory distress syndrome. This so-called necardiogenny pulmonary oedema (blood seeps, including in the lungs). Secondly, on the background of reduced immunity to the virus bacteria join. Then it can be a septic condition. And sepsis formed a few inflammatory lesions. They can be in the kidney, brain, heart etc. are Often the cause of death may be in septic shock.

What is happening in Italy? Why so many deaths?

So many questions with no clear answers. First, the virus which came from China to Italy, has changed due to the mutations. Second, every third resident of the country an old man. But the Italians talk about sick at the age of 20, 30, 40 years. We read that die athletes whose immune status should be normal.

And there is a very interesting message. They say that the coronavirus (we are not talking about COVID-19, and other species – UNIAN), which sick people in majapidamiste period and who were diagnosed as ARI remains in the body for life, like herpes. This virus is used as an additional genetic material for replication of the new Chinese coronavirus. The latter reproduces using the genetic machinery “ljapidevskogo” virus.

Coronavirus is constantly changing. There are questions unanswered. We say that the sun’s rays are bad for the virus, but in Egypt – 200-300 cases, the disease is spreading. How? We have no clear answer.

But the more time that passes in one country from the beginning of the outbreak, the lower the pathogenic properties of the virus.

What is happening in Ukraine?

I believe that we have introduced is absolutely true events that prevent the spread of the virus. Today, the disease makes its first steps in Ukraine. Before we saw her in China, had information from Italy, Spain, USA. And already the first patients in our hospitals.

We had a patient who had returned from Spain, Sweden. The first was not confirmed coronavirus, the second confirmed, but the disease is mild.

We are in the intensive care unit was 30-year-old patient, who was vacationing in Thailand. Not confirmed coronavirus, but had a very severe pneumonia. Maybe started with a virus, and then joined and bacteria.

You are protected? Doctors are afraid of Contracting?

How not to be afraid?.. It scares us, as any person. We use personal protective equipment, but in such quantity and quality as, say, Italy, they are not. We have an acute shortage, but it is desirable to have other means with a higher degree of protection.

How to defend, when to sell masks and antiseptic? Is it possible at home to produce high-quality alcohol solution and a gauze mask?

If the house produces an antiseptic, the alcohol content should be not less than 60%. No need to wipe your hands with vodka and think that all is well.

The wearing of masks by those who are not sick makes no sense. If you are ill and uses a homemade mask will not be worse. Yes, you can do it at home, use at least nine layers. But you know yourself the coefficient of its efficiency.

And we must not forget about ventilation: at least 15 minutes and at least 3-4 times a day. Also need wet cleaning 2-3 times a day.

Will Ukraine cope with the epidemic?

If there are single cases of illness, to cope. If the number will grow to the scale of Spain or Italy, we will have a very big problem. We are not ready to patients with coronavirus in such numbers. I’m not talking about tools. We humans do not iron, can not working day and night.

And look at the number of beds in intensive care. They, on average, 6-12. When we talk about the Italian city of Bergamo, there are 200 thousand people in intensive care was up to 80 patients. It is extremely crowded office. Doctors face a choice, who in the first place to help you: young or old? Not enough ventilators.

The number one task is to slow down the growth in the number of patients. And the need for this quarantine. Because of this, we can get the epidemic with less loss of population.

Vlad Abramov

Профессор-инфекционист Александр Дуда: Есть информация, что у коронавируса две волны. После облегчения болезнь может вернуться

Профессор-инфекционист Александр Дуда: Есть информация, что у коронавируса две волны. После облегчения болезнь может вернуться

Профессор-инфекционист Александр Дуда: Есть информация, что у коронавируса две волны. После облегчения болезнь может вернуться

Профессор-инфекционист Александр Дуда: Есть информация, что у коронавируса две волны. После облегчения болезнь может вернуться