Professor Oleg Apolikhin: male menopause often begins after age 40

Профессор Олег Аполихин: мужской климакс все чаще начинается после 40 лет

In men, the onset of menopause, which is characterized by the extinction of sexual function, increasingly marked after the age of 40 years, although normally it should be started only after 70.

Chief freelance specialist of the Russian Ministry of health on reproductive health, Professor Oleg Apolikhin commented on in the press is evidence that among Russian men has increased the number of people suffering from infertility. Speaking on the topic, the scientist noted that in recent years men have increasingly been stated early menopause. The phenomenon of menopause means a natural fading of sexual and reproductive function. According to Apolikhina, its onset is inevitable for women and men. But in normal healthy male climax must begin after age 70. Modern men, it often starts after 40 years.

The Professor noted that, not least the development of this trend contributes to a growing appetite among men obesity. Oleg Apolikhin said that for the male half of humanity obesity is very dangerous

“Obesity is formed on the female type fat deposits in the abdomen secrete estrogens, which suppress male hormones. In fact, it is castration. Man becomes sluggish, effeminate, depressed, hopeless from the reproductive point of view,” – said the scientist.

Apolikhin added that a study was conducted which showed that impotence not only affects men’s self-esteem. Men, before entering into the stage of menopause and exhibiting symptoms of the extinction of sexual function, much more often it happens myocardial infarction. Also began the male menopause negatively affects health – is the loss of interest in life, increasing leadership skills, no desire to bring the case to the end, lost professional pride.

The Professor said that the symptom of male menopause is the appearance of the prostate that occurs in all men after 45-50 years. The stronger the health of men, the later it develops BPH. Representatives of the stronger sex in the age be sure to visit the doctor for examination of the condition of the prostate.