Profitable for the Ukroboronprom state: what is known about the secret contract

Прибыльный ли для государства Укроборонпром: что известно о тайном контракте

Profit and efficiency concerns, the cost of purchases and if you can avoid prepayment in procurement – in the program “Here is how” Alice Yurchenko Denys Bigus said the Director of the procurement Department Ukroboronprom Hope Bigun.

Profit and efficiency

– They (companies in the Ukroboronprom – 24 channel) 138, and 139 is a concern. But of this amount, about 40 – these are businesses that in the annexed territory in the Donetsk and Lugansk. Therefore, from the “live” there are about 90 companies.

– Effective and profitable, up to about 20. But there’s efficiency is actually “green word”. Some conditionally effective.

– The profit is unstable. There are periods when companies start problems. Businesses that could be effective and in fact, they look like effective, must make a profit. However, they are in such condition that there is a risk for some period they even can enter in collapse.

– Our group is a separate legal entity. And if we’re talking about a state concern Ukroboronprom, as a separate legal entity, it is economic activity does. Was this the model that the coordination was engaged.

– If to speak about individual companies, especially, which is not very profitable, then there is a large debts. In principle, it seems so, they are profitable, but if you look at the salary arrears of about one billion hryvnia, and on other debts that are there, this issue (yield – 24 channel) is ambiguous.

On procurement expenditure

– Now the company are separate and for each of the enterprise procurement budget is the mystery part, and there are some retina. I can now accurately speak of the part which is not secret. This is about 4 billion hryvnia in the year. In my opinion, a very large part is nitinol.

For myself, I see the stages in the first place to deal with most nitinol, and then go to everyone else.

– Speaking of Ukroboronprom, the secret are purchases that are part of the state defense order. That is, between enterprises and customers who are purchasing, fit contract. This contract is secret. Further to the execution of this contract shall be conducted some purchases to carry it out.

– Actually, the whole contract is secret, but part of it can be netanime. The company has a separate Commission that is a secret, and that Nethinim. And she decides which part of the contract procurement for this part remains a mystery. All that this contract is Nethinim and can be purchased without any restrictions, is conducted through a closed area.

The pre-procurement

– The prepayment as an instrument of procurement. To completely eliminate it is impossible. In some cases, to do to providers at auction, it is necessary to advance. But in most cases you can do without payment.

– It is necessary to look for something to do post-payment. It really greatly reduces the risks to a provider who wants to take the money and disappear.

On commodities more or less, if there are any restrictions on the market, you can always put poloplast. For example, at work if we are talking about the construction, it is usually a very long process.

What is known about corruption in “Ukroboronprom”??

According to the investigations of journalists Bihus.Info son by the time the first Deputy Secretary of national security Council Oleg Gladkovsky – Igor Gladkovsky together with Vitaly Zhukov and Andrei Cattail smuggling supplied the defense enterprises of Ukraine, the Russian part or parts of the Ukrainian military units. Delivery occurs through company-pads at inflated 2-4 times the price. The size of theft may be at least UAH 250 million, journalists assume.

For corrupt transactions involving Oleg Gladkovsky (is business partner of President Poroshenko), the former head of “UkrSpetsExport” and the acting head of “Ukroboronprom” Paul Bukin, Director of enterprises and other officials of state concern.

Participants in corrupt schemes organized trades through the 3 major firms-strip. One of these firms were allegedly plant “Workshop on fishing” (at the time belonged to Poroshenko), as well as a shell company “Optimistical”.

NABU began a pre-trial investigation of corruption in the “Ukroboronprom” on the basis of appropriation, embezzlement of property or possession by abuse of official position. Detectives Bureau also conducted a number of searches Gladkowski, Bukina and other persons involved in the scandal.

All about corruption schemes in the Ukroboronprom – read the material 24 of the channel.

Прибыльный ли для государства Укроборонпром: что известно о тайном контракте

Прибыльный ли для государства Укроборонпром: что известно о тайном контракте