Progress on the nose: sunglasses will soon replace the smartphone

Прогресс на носу: Солнцезащитные очки скоро заменят смартфон

Gadget looks handy and stylish, and the number of functions does not yield a pocket assistant.

Norm Glasses – an ambitious startup company Capable Human that strives to fit all of today’s smartphones in a compact and light sunglasses. The concept of the device is significantly different from existing VR helmets, expanding the possibilities of interaction between the environment and the gadget.

Progress in this area is developing so fast that in the foreseeable future people will be able to wear a full multimedia gadgets on the nose, and the number of models produced will be comparable to smartphones, offering a wide range of design and functional features. Because first of all it’s glasses – part of your personal style.

Glasses smartphone Norm Glasses – not just a nice marketing gimmick, they really have a rich functionality. Among other things, they will offer the ability to answer calls, shoot photos and video, use the navigation and the translator watch the video and listen to audio, set alerts, and much more. And all this hands are free and your head held high.

The collection of funds for the implementation of the stunning ideas taking place on the platform Kickstarter, and the creators have managed to exceed the requested amount of 15 thousand dollars is more than 20 times. Retail value of product will be $239, which does not exceed the relevant price mid-budget smartphones. There remains only the question of practicality and how points will be convenient and safe for users.