Projectors Acer X1 can connect to a signal source without wires

Проекторы Acer X1 могут подключаться к источнику сигнала без проводов

Acer unveils X1 projectors for business, education and home use with wireless connection to the signal source. It uses the Miracast technology and devices on Windows 10, Android or iOS. Wireless works without any additional software.

For projectors Acer X1 declared maximum brightness level 3500/3600 lumens, and a contrast value is 20 000:. With 3D glasses it is possible to reproduce a three-dimensional image and the stereoscopic effects for the standard HDMI 3D.There is a built-in speaker power of 2 watts. Supported a 1.2-fold zoom.

Built-in web application Creston Flash Utility for PC allows you to completely control the projectors through a local network, and the program multiplayer resource management Creston Room View provides integrated monitoring, control and reporting.

Line of projectors the Acer X1 consists of eight models – Acer X1125i, X1225i Acer, Acer and Acer X1325Wi X1525i. The device will go on sale in Ukraine in July this year. The price for them range from 399 to 599 euros.