Prom dress: how to choose and where to buy

Платье на выпускной: как выбрать и где купить

To look perfect on prom night, you need to plan your image – makeup, hairstyle and, of course, the outfit. Large selection of prom dresses online store Glem. Go to the website: to view all models and order your favorite. Accurate measurements of the dresses provided by the consultants. Delivery is made throughout Ukraine and abroad.

How to choose

Dresses, especially prom, we have to stress the advantages of the figure and hide flaws. Consequently, when selecting, you should first consider the type of your physique:

  • Pear is characterized by wide hips, wasp waist and small neat Breasts. Decorate their slim models with dropped shoulders and a length below the knees (if a girl is low, it is better to stay on the length of the Maxi). Another option is dresses to elegant strappy dresses or A-line.
  • “Inverted triangle”. Characterized by slender legs, although the waist is almost not expressed. Shoulders broader than the hips (hence the name). Best benefits of such figures underlines the V-neck models for narrow straps – they visually narrow shoulders. You can select outfits with a focus on the hips to balance the image.
  • “The Apple”. Women with this figure can be found at the bust and slightly pronounced waist as they quickly gain those extra pounds on the sides. At the same time legs they can stay thin and slender. Therefore, choosing an outfit, it is important to visually narrow waist. And best of all this task is handled by the corset. Also impressive look of the model in the Greek style, Empire style (they have a high waist).
  • “Hourglass”. This type gives the figure of femininity and sophistication, because the waist in this case, the wasp, and the hip and chest – puffy. To pick up clothes is not difficult – suitable dresses in every style, including asymmetrical cuts, ruffles.

Isolated and body type Rectangle, which is characterized by beautiful legs, slight waist, neat hips. Selecting prom dress for girls with such a figure at will focus on the hips or at the waist using a full skirt or a slim strap at the waist.

What else to pay attention

Stylists recommend to take into account the fabric of the outfit. So, I emphasize the youth and beauty of the graduates of satin, chiffon, lace, silk. As for color, it is better to focus on their own preferences, but the trend in this season all the variations of lilac-pink, including fuchsia, lilac, violet. Also impressive look of the classic model in black, white, red, blue colours.

Платье на выпускной: как выбрать и где купить

Платье на выпускной: как выбрать и где купить