“Promised $300 thousand on my head.” As SBU roof business between Ukraine and DNR

"Обещали $300 тысяч за мою голову". Как СБУ крышует бизнес между Украиной и ДНР

The ex-the Prosecutor of Kramatorsk Andrey Sukhinin, who spent four years on corruption charges, told “Vesti” about how the security service and the Military Prosecutor’s office protect the illegal business between Ukraine and “DNR”. And also about how many security officers earn spill left alcohol and as favorites Yuriy Lutsenko extorted bribes to close criminal cases.

Andrey Sukhinin detained directly in its 38th birthday – April 6, 2015. On the then Prosecutor of Kramatorsk handcuffed not just on the day of his personal triumph, but directly at the presentation ceremony of the Prosecutor of the Donetsk region Andrei Ljubovic in Mariupol. Members of the Military prosecutors brought him from the hall under the lenses of the cameras and under the derogatory remark, the Deputy head of GPU of David Sakvarelidze: “When we talk about purification, we mean ourselves, and joke about it. I’m very sorry that today we had to do it, but it’s sure”.

The GPU had then informed the President of Petro Poroshenko about the arrest of “big fish”. Reznitskaya reported: one day with Shinnym tied and his accomplices – the Deputy Prosecutor of Kramatorsk Novel gapeeva and the chief of sector of Public service of fight against economic crime (GSBEP) Kramatorsk militia Vitaliy Yaremko.

According to the published version of the Trinity, was charged systematic bribes from businessmen of the city for a total amount of $110 million and 2.75 million UAH. However, in the indictment, which the investigation has directed to court three months later, were already significantly smaller amount – 118 thousand UAH.

The case was based on allegations of Stanislav Logvinenko – employees of GSBEP and subordinate Yaremko, as well as the testimonies of two dozen merchants Kramatorsk. Entrepreneurs allegedly complained that their “nightmares” people in uniform, demanding to pay a monthly tribute.

The fate of the detainees law enforcers were different. Yaremko made a deal with the investigation, pleaded guilty and escaped with a modest fine and probation. On the basis of his testimony to the Military Prosecutor’s office in Izyum city court of the Kharkiv region managed to get a conviction for gapeeva and Shinnym. They were given eight years imprisonment with confiscation of property. Press Secretary of the current head GPU Larissa Sargan named Facebook this process is proof of the cleansing Department from crime.

Themselves former prosecutors deny his guilt, awaiting the decision of the Poltava court of appeal. Security forces assure that they fell victim to the “stick figures” and “hunting for witches” is deployed in Ukraine after the Euromaidan events. And in fact they are “closed” in retaliation for the fact that they revealed the criminal scheme, “roof” which is in the area of ATO are high-ranking Military prosecutors and the SBU.

A month ago Sukhinin and Gapeev was released by “Savchenko’s law” after serving in jail half of the period they measured. Accidentally or not, Sukhinin released is also the day of his birth, but growing up on four years spent in prison.

Today Sukhinin is a practicing lawyer. His interview to “Vesti” – the first after his release. A former Prosecutor told about the background of their craft, the role in it of former colleagues and sensational details of how the illicit market between the self-proclaimed “DNR” and the Ukrainian-controlled territories.

Andrey Sukhinin to jail

– Do you remember your emotions when in 2015 you directly to high meeting, raised and detained on suspicion of bribery?

– Of course. I was approached from behind and patted on the back. At this point Sakvarelidze began to tell me that I am corrupt and “you know what I did.” Still did not understand what it is I’ve done. I and my family stole four years of my life.

But the public was convinced that it was about extortion and receiving bribes in especially large size you in the group “werewolves in epaulets”…

– Yes, I read later, the words of the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios, as I “objectival” the whole city except for the air money is not taken. Well complete nonsense… At the moment of detention I began to scroll through this whole day and think, can I somewhere to throw a bribe. Patted his pockets – nothing. That is, I was detained on the case about the bribe when the bribe itself was not.

– It’s like?

That’s the paradox. No marked bills I found. Simultaneously searched the apartment where I lived. Also nothing “was not”, until there came one of the chiefs, investigators of the Military Prosecutor’s office and told a subordinate that they are “bad looking”. Lo and behold, after 20 minutes in my jacket found tagged as much as much as 400 hryvnia. We demanded an examination, it gave unequivocal results: my fingers on that money no, I never held in my hands. Then how can I hid them there?

– Wait, but all over the country reported that you had taken over a hundred thousand dollars and several million.

The I had 18 thousand UAH, which I took with me to celebrate the birthday and arrange a table for colleagues. Home seized 8400 UAH, that’s all. Well, 400 UAH labeled…

– I believe that these bills get tossed?

– Of course. Gerashchenko (talking about Anton Gerashchenko, MP from NF. – Ed.) generally argued on the air “Shuster Live” that I have found 5 million UAH… I want to ask: “Where are they?” It’s all fiction and deception. When we are “closed”, just fueled negative public opinion, although no evidence to commit me and chapaevym crimes was not.

– Bribes were or not?

– I don’t want to voice that I am white and fluffy, it was all over the years, to tell in detail I will not, but! The fact that I had hung up, not mine. You see I am in the Prosecutor’s office worked for 17 years, understand the system completely, passed a way “from the plow” and to the Colonel of justice. And then these 400 UAH… Seriously? Not be fine if I floated as the Prosecutor of Kramatorsk, “not the first but not the second” city of the Donetsk region, is not it? I all conscious life worked in the organs. And note: made a career, although I did not have “locomotives-pushers”, which I would do patronage.

– What you actually connect your detention.

– Let’s start with the fact that a couple of weeks before the same pathetic directly at the Cabinet meeting detained the head of the State service for emergency situations Sergei Bochkov and his Deputy Vasily Stoyetsky. Then the whole world was screaming about the unprecedented anti-corruption in Ukraine. But really it all came down to deploy the “stick figures” and the massacre of undesirables. I would say that almost all the so-called corrupt officials, with whom during his stay in jail I had to face, the situation is similar to mine. Dozens, if not hundreds of people have suffered from the fact that someone wanted their position, others crossed the road to influential characters.

– How about you?

– Most likely, both that, and another, and third and fourth. I’ll tell you how it was from the beginning. I had confidence, and appointed to the post of Prosecutor of Kramatorsk in the spring of 2014. I set the condition: as I come from Makeyevka and Kramatorsk to the city, would like to your team to invite (your friend and colleague. – Ed.) Gapeeva. He became my Deputy. But to get to work we have a de facto it was possible far not at once. The fact is that, when I was traveling from Kiev after the appointment, was captured Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Some time later was followed by the liberation of the city, and we are almost to the beginning of autumn was raking the Augean stables in the Prosecutor’s office. Those who were there, left in my office “Hello” in the form of a land mine, burned all the files and took literally everything…

– According to the case materials, to collect tribute from businessmen Kramatorsk you and Garaevym, with the agreement of Yaremko, began in the fall of 2014?

– Yes, so it says. Now tell you what happened. In October 2014, in Kramatorsk a workshop was conducted by military prosecutors. Then we came to the Matios, a number of senior employees of the GPU from all over Ukraine…

– This is the exit meeting, the results of which a number of cones from the Prosecutor General’s office acquired the status of participants ATO?

Yes, that’s it. We, by the way, also offered to get the status of combatants, but the entire staff of the Prosecutor’s office of Kramatorsk refused. Only we, unlike these “volunteers” from the GPU, and locations traveled, and the prosecution was supported in situations of armed conflict. And they I can only say one thing: the meeting took place at a distance of at least 60 km from the demarcation line.


– We with chapaevym as leaders of the Prosecutor’s office of Kramatorsk organized it took 60 people: lodged, fed, buffet organized. Say bluntly as it was, part of the money for these purposes were involved.

Is a bribe?

– No. In debt we asked entrepreneurs for help, plus throw off all the prosecutors. The lion’s share of this money in the future, we and chapaevym gave another three or four months to pay off. Well, in some days of the seminar I was approached by Matios said when we were alone: “There it is, the Military Prosecutor at your side… You are friends with them and don’t make any sudden movements.”

– As you realized what you were referring to the chief military Prosecutor?

– He advised me not to go into those cases dealt with “Commissar”.

At that time it was about some specific stories?

– No, on the right, nothing was said. But given the future events and of the arrest I wonder who crossed the road with chapaevym.

– How was it?

In February-March 2015, just a month before our detention, we along with the police shut down the distillery, which operated under the black flag (released the left products. – Ed.) and a Lil alcohol, which later went to the territory of “DNR”. We conducted covert investigative and search actions in which course it has been found involved in the illegal factory are employees of the SBU and a Colonel by the name of Constantine.

At that time the most famous Colonel of the same name in the area of the ATO was the head of the Military Prosecutor of the forces of ATO Kulik, which were subordinated to Matios. It’s his business you put spokes in the wheel?

– Draw your own conclusions. Let me just say that all sensible people understand: that the Military Prosecutor’s office supervises the security service.

– How serious was the scale of this distillery?

– Weekly volume supply uncontrolled territory as of spring 2015 amounted to 20 million.

– Was corridor, which gave the alcohol to enter the territory of “DNR”?

– Of course. This can only arrange the security Service of Ukraine. And it, again, takes care of “Commissar”. Same as me then it became known, was observed with coal, cigarettes, etc.

– That is, the channel did not work in one direction only – for export to the “DNR”?

Both, of course. A conveyor belt (laughs. – Ed.).

– A “roof” that provided the security forces?


– You know, as things stand today, at the distillery, which you stopped just before your getting in jail?

– This is closed, alcohol flows like water.

– How is this “protection” works in practice?

– I’d show you with the facts on hand, if we were given to investigate this production. All in all, just the shadow areas of business were displaced by the representatives of power structures.

– For example?

– Well, we are convinced that the Military Prosecutor’s office “clicked” all of the converters in the frontal areas in 2014-2015. You do not mind that this kind of business engaged in Military Prosecutor’s office? They just changed the direction of the flow in the party and continued “capacity of absalikov”.

– Let’s get to the essence of your story. Spun the millstones of the case de jure?

– I impute, that in the beginning of September 2014 I came to the chief of OGSBEP Yaremko, and I asked him to give me “tribute”. Well, so I just put before the fact of a man at the time, saw for the first time in my life. And even gave him a list of those with whom you want to bring down the money.

– Those who need to “objectivity”?

– Something like that. Supposedly we and chapaevym hankering to get UAH 1,000 entrepreneurs per month. That is, I came into town with a population (including immigrants) to 300 thousand people to earn? Funny. Moreover, despite the 300 hours of covert investigative and investigative actions in respect of gapeeva, any evidence that he allegedly extorted “under me” money and was in contact with Yaremko, simply no. Even the GPU has recognized all of these materials do not contain criminal intent. We say: nothing is demanded and nothing. But the court of first instance believed Yaremko. He got the penalty, and we wanted to put on stage. The normal transaction

– Let’s touch on another deal. NABU was submitted a statement by chapaevym…

-… that Kulik extorted and received from him $30 thousand

– How was it?

– It’s simple. The search of the house gapeeva he seized the money that belong to different people: his mother, relatives and friends. Savings they have out of occupied territory, handing over to him for safekeeping. Each bundle was attached to the name. Them during the search was arrested, and after Gapeeva offered to take me.

– In exchange for what?

– Investigators needed “steam” – I. Because who is the head GSBEP or Deputy city attorney, when is a Prosecutor?! And all the channels showed that we are grabbers and a bunch of people robbed.

– What was the essence of this proposal and who voiced his Gapeeva?

– Kulik. During carrying out investigative actions in the presence of the lawyer of the novel of Ivanovich. Kostik said: “We are ready to release you in a few months, if you give us terrible. But for this we need top pay.” Initially called the sum of $300 thousand Is parallel to and offered me…

– What happened next?

– Gapeev agreed, came with his mother, and in court the Military Prosecutor’s office reached the decision to return $30 thousand, which are not relevant to our business. On the same day they were handed over to Kulik, but immediately after that he told Roma: “What agreement? There was nothing…” It is normal practice “Commissar” – to throw…

In the end, you and Gapeev was in jail. When you realize that it seams?

From the start, it was a complete mess. All the witnesses – the alleged bribe-givers say, you know neither terrible nor gapeeva money to them and they did not give the question Arises: why I became extreme, green, grey, red?

– Witnesses showed Yaremko as someone who got their cash?

Part said Yes. But somewhere half told the court that he had not bribed anyone, and provided material assistance to law enforcement personnel in situations of armed conflict in the region.

– After “redemption gapeeva” failed, you understand that you are not to leave before the verdict?

– Did not understand. I thought it was a prank. But then Yaremko began to sink us.

– Understand his motives?

– Of course. During a search of his home, his wife ran with a knife at SBU and hit him in the chest. Thank God, light in body, but the case was immediately hushed up. I wrote a statement – investigate. The police are still involved, it can not understand, but someone still got stabbed? Although during the search seized evidence with blood on it. I think that’s due to this Yaremko and was on the hook. And he said something like: “Either you sink these two companions, either – the trouble…”

– Logvinenko, the Complainant in the case, he is a creature Yaremko?

– There is generally a scandal. He allegedly wrote a statement, and then the court said that this was not.

– How so?

– Explain: the month before Logvinenko allegedly wrote a statement, the staff of SBU for four days kept him on the basement, tortured. There is a criminal case into the abduction of this man. Imagine: seven a.m., the doorbell rang. Open – break 6-8 people with guns, hit in the head by a senior employee of the ccss, as well as his arms and gone. He, when came to the court, once said: “I did not write this statement about the crime, I was arrested by the SBU, and I signed. What I don’t know”.

That is, assuming that your opponents just needed the “left” of the applicant.


– You and your friend Gapeev – free. Such an outcome suit you?

– No. Now on appeal we just canceled the measure we insist on the abolition of the sentence and justification. Then I want to return one day to the Prosecutor’s office to immediately leave an honest name.

– In the Prosecutor’s office themselves in the future can not see?

I don’t want to work in this system, which currently only takes orders, and ten thousand employees is hardly three hundred strong professionals. There mostly now farmazonschiki, not the prosecutors.

– If you had the opportunity to meet with Matios and Kulik, I would like to talk to them?

– I’d like them both to offer four years to sit in places where I was. And would like to wish their families knew that know my family. I have two children left disabled after that. You think I’m ready for them to forgive it? Never. But unlike them, I’m going to do it entirely within the law. And about ten criminal proceedings which are investigated in the NAB, the Prosecutor General, the Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk region, I will bring to the court. Including against them.

"Обещали $300 тысяч за мою голову". Как СБУ крышует бизнес между Украиной и ДНР