Promoter criticised Lomachenko in battle against Campbell: he had a few rounds propionyl

Промоутер раскритиковал Ломаченко в бою против Кэмпбелла: он несколько раундов профилонил

Not everyone in the UK enjoyed victory over Vasyl Lomachenko Luke Campbell. And not only that the Ukrainian defeated the British in the eyes of his fans. Not everyone is pleased by the boks who showed Lomachenko.

One of these is the founder of the promotion company Matchroom Boxing, Barry Hearn. They are Luke Campbell (as well as Ukrainian Alexander Usik).

“I do not understand the verdict. I thought Luke lost a maximum of 4 rounds. I think he Boxing just gorgeous. But apparently, the title closers. To be honest, I’m disappointed Lomachenko. We filed our fans as the superstar. I think for this performance, it will not put on a par with superstars of the past. No, he’s a great fighter, no doubt. But not the level of the largest in the history of Boxing. At least he doesn’t impress me,” said Barry Hearn.

However, he still gave credit to the Ukrainian. And I pointed out his mistakes, which remained unclear.

“I don’t understand why he didn’t take the chance, because during the fight a few times well shaken Campbell, but was released. At this stage you have to finalize before the end, and he didn’t. He had a few rounds openly Profiler. Although we convinced ourselves that he’s one of the most dynamic fighters of our time. Again, it is good. Very beautiful. But we’re talking about legendary status. But it was not the performance level of a legend,” concluded Barry Hearn.

Recall that Lomachenko defeated Campbell on 31 August in London decision. The Ukrainian defended his title of world champion at lightweight, WBA and WBO, and also won the vacant WBC title.