Proskuryakova put an end to the rumors about the divorce from Nikolayev

Проскурякова поставила точку в слухах о разводе с Николаевым

The actress shared the details of the relationship with the composer.

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The wife of the famous composer Igor Nikolaev commented on the rumors about their “divorce”. Julia Proskuryakova also talked about the conflicts with her husband and said that would not have been able to forgive infidelity beloved.

The singer shared how they spent long weeks of quarantine 24/7 with Nikolayev and their daughter Veronica. According to Julia, it was a joy for their family, they were finally able to spend more time together. Also Proskuryakova said that a strong marriage is a “test” can’t destroy.

The artist explained that she had no thoughts to go from the composer. According to Julia, they have a quarrel with Igor there, but they quickly reconciled. Not about a divorce, which so actively discussed in the network recently, speech does not go, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“And the rumors… always about the actors write fiction”, – said Proskuryakov.

On a question of journalists that “a singer” told the network about the courtship from Nikolaev, the wife of the artist replied succinctly. According to Yulia, in this story there is nothing to discuss. Also Proskuryakova said that treason could not forgive his wife, but she allegedly did not think so. The singer believes that they have with the composer’s all good. The actress concluded that her happiness is her family, academic success and creativity.

We will remind, earlier Proskuryakova already gave comments about the rumors about their possible breakup with Nikolayev. Then the singer pointed out that journalists literally “broke her phone”.