“Protect the throne”: Putin has decided to jail the thieves in the law after the scandal with the “hidden billions”

«Защищает свой трон»: Путин решил пересажать воров в законе после скандала с «припрятанными миллиардами»

“A separate criminal code for the President, deputies, etc riffraff with a firing takes up to enter!!!!” – indignant commenters under the news that Putin proposed to introduce separate criminal charges for the criminal authorities and put them to 15 years for the fact that they are authorities.

Mr Putin introduced to the state Duma a bill providing for imprisonment for 15 years for “holding the higher position in criminal hierarchy.” According to the President, now the crime lords are quite capable of staying “clean hands” because of his position, which involves the Commission of crimes by others.

According to various sources, “years of service” in the colony CP will be assigned an average of 15 years for anyone who is a criminal authority, by definition, that is, occupies the highest rank in a criminal organization. As Vladimir Vladimirovich, the country is not punishable for the mere fact of being a criminal authority, but it is necessary because too many “thieves” come out “unscathed”.

Of course, good and life-affirming undertaking from the head of state called on the network sickly resonance and booing. The President remembered everything – and corruption, which has not yet overcame, and konokrada in power, and bribe-takers, and others.

Against the background of recent “repression” of people really is something to think about. That only is loud arrest of an entire criminal syndicate headed by father and son Arashukova. Of course, the presence of these murderous thugs in power forces people to feel defenseless before the criminals that have integrity and huge instruments of influence at the expense of the state.

However, there is another side of the coin. Someone said that Vladimir Vladimirovich – the main crime boss in the country. And just getting rid of competitors, using the state apparatus – “Protect your throne.” Perhaps, the commentator relies on the recent words of a longtime friend of Putin about his “hidden billions”.

However, there are other reasons. People do a lot of stories about the possible state of the current President of Russia, allegedly accumulated on the shady machinations. By the way, no real confirmation of such a theory was found.