“Protect us from the crazy neighbor!” – lackeys in Kiev are laying at the feet of the US

«Защитите нас от бешеного соседа!» - холуи в Киеве стелятся у ног США

The presidential candidate of Ukraine, the businessman Gennady Balashov, offers to wait until sanctions “finish off Russia” and to place Ukraine on military bases of the USA and NATO. He said this during a debate on the radio, “NV”, the correspondent of “Politnavigator”.

According to him, Ukraine should not fight or threaten Russia, and hopes for the Ukrainian army no.

“Strategy with Russia is very simple – less to fight them, less threatening, but more to pursue sanctions. I believe that over time, the sanctions will finish the Russian economy and force Putin to behave habitually or force him to leave, as Maduro.

And the second is to lure the territory of Ukraine or an American base or a NATO base, because the only protection of Ukraine from the rabid neighbor are, precisely, the Western base and the presence of Western troops. I’m not very hopeful on the Ukrainian army. I think it’s too exaggerated”, said Balashov.

As reported by “Politnavigator”, in March 2014, Kiev millionaire Gennady Balashov has urged the Ukrainian authorities to blow up the oil pipeline through Ukraine to Europe, Russian gas is pumped.

“Nobody will help us, and the only thing we can do is BLOW up the TUBE that would harm Gazprom, to stop to pump through its territory of Russian gas. We must blow the trumpet, on the Russian border, the rest is mine, and to ask the UN to send troops. Only a huge loss of money will stop Putin. Blow up the gas pipe is the only thing you can do,” the statement said Balashov.

Then vs Balashov in Russia opened a criminal case under article extremism.