Protection against coronavirus by using a sunburn: the statement of the Ministry

Защита от коронавируса с помощью загара: заявление МОЗ

From the coronavirus 2020 can be saved in several ways. However, sunburn in this list are not included. The Ministry of health has dispelled yet another myth in the social network Facebook.

Dry and hot weather does not destroy coronavirus disease, although such information still continues to spread throughout the world and to lead people astray.

“Sunburn may not protect people from the coronavirus. If you have a sick COVID-19, will help the social distance and personal hygiene”, – stated in the message.

We should not forget that in dry and hot air the virus really behaves less actively. Warm weather and lack of precipitation are harmful to the virus. However, to completely disappear, he can not.

Basic precautions for protection against novel coronavirus infection:

wash your hands regularly;

keep your distance in public;

if possible, do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth;

with increasing temperature, the cough and difficulty breathing as soon as possible seek medical help.