Protection from mosquitoes: Xiaomi has introduced an interesting gadget

Защита от комаров: Xiaomi представила интересный гаджет

Xiaomi company has released an interesting device that will be very useful in the summer. This fumigator MiJia Mosquito Repellent, which should effectively protect against mosquitoes.

Writes MyDrivers, this is the second generation of the fumigator, but the updated version was a square shape with rounded edges. So he will fit well into the interior of your apartment or home.

How does the fumigator. To insert the plate with the active substance on the basis of pyrethroids inside. Special fan blowing on the plate and sprays the substance into the air. One plate is enough for 720 hours or 90 days. The device runs on batteries.

Защита от комаров: Xiaomi представила интересный гаджет

In a set of three device

One I can deal with mosquitoes on the area of 28 square meters. Thus in the set are three devices, so they can be put in different rooms.

Price. MiJia Mosquito Repellent already on sale. A set of three animals valued at $ 15 (400 hryvnia).

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