Protest in Macau teams have scored 39 goals in one match

Знак протеста: в Макао команды забили 39 голов в одном матче

Football teams “Ka Ah” and “hang SAI” scored 39 goals during the match of the Cup of Macau. The meeting ended with the score 21:18 in favor, “Aye Ka”.

It is reported by the Macau Daily Times.

The publication writes that the players deliberately missing goals from the opponent, thus expressing their protest against the decision of the local football Federation did not send the national team for the return match of qualifying for the 2022 world Cup against Sri Lanka.

Macau national team had to play the return match against selection of Sri Lanka on the road. However, the Football Association has banned players to go out for security reasons and demanded to fight on neutral territory.

As you know, recently in Sri Lanka there was a terrorist attack, which caused at least 359 people died and 521 people were injured. Among the victims were 35 foreigners.

Football team Macau said it was ready to play in Sri Lanka and said that are not responsible for the decision of the Football Association of the country. Team captain Nicolas Corrao appealed to FIFA and the AFC with a request to move the game against Sri Lanka.

Macau won the first match with a score 1:0. The return match at Sri Lanka was to be held on June 11.

The consequences of terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka: watch the video

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