Protests in Abkhazia: the so-called “President” resigned

Протесты в Абхазии: так называемый "президент" ушел в отставку

The leader of Pro-Russian rebels of Abkhazia, the so-called “President” Raul Khajimba resigned. He went amid protests that take place in the Russian-occupied Georgian region.

A letter of resignation to the protesters read out the so-called “Prime Minister” of Abkhazia Sergei Shamba. This publication reports “TASS”.

Bring to your attention that I resigned “President” in order to maintain a stable situation in the “country”,

– said Khajimba.

What is known about Abkhazia?

This Georgian region, occupied by Russia and recognized “an independent Republic”. The fact that in August 2008, Russia occupied 20% of territory of Georgia, creating two so-called state – Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and subsequently recognizing their independence.

These regions are already more than 10 years exist only on subsidies from the Russian Federation. Found them only a few countries, and after the annexation of these regions, Georgia has terminated its diplomatic ties with Russia. Ukraine considers these regions of Georgia.

What’s going on in Abkhazia:

  • In August there was held the so-called “presidential elections”. The victory they won Raul Khajimba, who gave the vote of 47.39% of the voters.
  • His opponent, alas Kvitsinia in the election campaign behind by only percent. His supporters think that Khajimba – illegitimate President. According to the letter of the law, he had to gather 50 + 1% of the vote.
  • The opposition challenged the results of presidential election in court, but it dismissed the claim.
  • January 9 “the court of cassation of the Supreme court” had to consider the claim Kvitsinia, but the meeting was canceled. Within two months shall be formed a new composition of “appeal Board”.
  • It seems that this was the impetus for more radical forms of protest.
  • On the evening of 9 January, the so-called “Parliament” of Abkhazia at an extraordinary meeting adopted an appeal to President Raul Khajimba with a proposal to resign in order to stabilize the situation in the region. For this decision voted 19 out of the 27 present at the session of deputies.
  • Khajimba refused to resign as President, despite the offer.