Protests in Belarus: the main for the night (video)

Протесты в Беларуси: основное за ночь (видео)

In Belarus in the night of 12 August, the protests have not ended, continued and clashes with the security forces activists.

This is reported in the Telegram-channel Medusa – LIVE.

The actions of the people

The evening of August 11, demonstrators again took to the streets of Belarusian cities. Most of the people gathered in Minsk and Grodno. In the capital gathered in small groups in different areas.

People built barricades from scrap materials.

The actions of security forces

Clashes with protesters continued, the police very brutally suppressed all hotbeds of protest. So, security officers detained people, dismantled the barricades and beat demonstrators. Also with batons beat on passing and beeping cars, broken glass, beaten and detained drivers. The same steps were carried out with the motorcyclists.

People were detained in the courts. But from the Windows of the houses on the security forces “poured” curse. As noted in the Telegram-channel Mash, they responded by firing at the Windows of the apartments.

Also, police stormed the entrances where the protesters were hiding, to bring them in, write in Telegram-channel “Lentic”.

The injured journalists: they beat technique, selected the flash drive with the materials and were forced to remove pictures, notes Apostrophe.

The consequences of the collision

In Zhabinka the clashes burned one police car. Protesters on Rokossovsky smashed a police bus. And in the night sky, protesters used lasers to blind security forces to prevent arrests.

In Minsk on a Stone hill there was a noise from the explosion of grenades.

Video and photos today is significantly less because the Internet in the country almost does not work, besides not give a full working journalists.

At two o’clock protests in Minsk have begun to subside.

In the city of Grodno in Belarus protests after the presidential elections in the country. On the night of August 12 armored vehicle of the security forces entered the passenger car, injuring 5-year-old child.

In the car, which was hit by a truck, injured a girl of 5 years old, she was bleeding.

“Brought her mother into the ambulance, the doctors said needed surgery. Her husband was detained,” said an eyewitness.

The victims said that security forces didn’t and just went. Security forces, for their part, told them that they are to blame and detained the driver of the car that was hit.

The demonstrators
Law enforcement officers