Protests in Bolivia: President Evo Morales resigned, and afraid of arrest

Протесты в Боливии: президент Эво Моралес ушел в отставку и боится ареста

The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, resigned. Reporters found that “Phrase”, it happened on the background of the protests, which began in the country late October.

Then, Evo Morales won the presidential election, but the Organization of American States declared violations during the counting of votes.

Also Evo Morales has announced early elections.

The leader of the country said that fear of arrest. He reported that unknown persons attacked his house.

Evo Morales described his resignation: “It is necessary to calm the situation in the country.” He added: “I don’t need to run. I want the people of Bolivia know that I haven’t stolen anything”.

It is worth noting that some of the former members of the government received political asylum in the Mexican Embassy in La Paz.

Arrest Evo Morales require some members of the government, for example – head of the interior Ministry and the Ministry of health. The security forces themselves deny this information.

A number of countries, in particular – the same Mexico as well as Cuba and Venezuela have called the overthrow of Evo Morales and the coup coup.

Now on the authority personally took the leader of the opposition of Bolivia, Janine Agnes.

Add that 60-year-old Evo Morales has been President of Bolivia since 2006, positioning itself as a zealous socialist and opposition of the United States.