Protests in the United States: trump is planning to issue a decree on the work of the police

Протесты в США: Трамп планирует издать указ о работе полиции

In the United States to discuss the police reform amid mass protests

The President of the United States Donald trump amid protests in the country, may issue a decree on the work of the police. The document also will be talking about racism.

According to the press Secretary U.S. President Kaylee Makanani, the President is considering various options.

“We believe that we need to develop proactive policy prescriptions, whether it is legislation or a presidential decree,” said she.

Meanwhile, both Democrats and Republicans in Congress advance proposals aimed at reforming the police amid mass protests over the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Democrats in the House of representatives on Monday introduced a large-scale initiative, which, among other things, prohibits the use of asphyxiating seizures requires police officers to wear body Cams, and limits the use of lethal force. Senate Republicans on Tuesday said that developing its own proposal.

Acting Deputy Minister of internal security, the Ken Cucinelli declined to specify details about what measures considering trump.

“You will see a set of legislative proposals on which we can work on a bipartisan basis, as was done by the President in the case of reform of criminal justice and the Executive orders he can issue on their own,” he said.

We will remind, on may 25 in the United States during the detention by the police died, the African American George Floyd. The video shows the police officer presses the neck of the detainee with his knee to the asphalt. While the detainee repeated the phrase “I can’t breathe”.

The video became available a few days after the incident. This caused a wave of indignation and protests. The peaceful protest soon turned into riots and is still going on.

RBC-Ukraine wrote that on June 9 the U.S. Supreme court in Minneapolis has arrested a COP accused of murder Floyd.

Протесты в США: Трамп планирует издать указ о работе полиции

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