Protests on Fridays: students concerned about climate change

Протесты по пятницам: школьники обеспокоены изменением климата

The world is surprised by the massive protests of students. Meanwhile, the environmental movement Fridays for Future planning another campaign with a record number of participants. Details – DW.

March 15, students from 100 countries come to a General action in climate protection. This day is scheduled 1300 demonstrations in Germany they will be held in 150 cities. This event will be the culmination of protests against climate change, which are held every Friday for Future movement Fridays (“Friday for the future”). Their goal is to encourage governments to actively deal with climate change.

The younger generation wants to influence policy

“In Germany, the preparations for this campaign in full swing,” – said one of the organizers of the protests in the Federal state of Brandenburg, Vincent Bertalan (Vincent Bartolain). According to him, all the protesters were divided into groups, each of which intends to act in a certain place. But all the information material they receive from the Central organization Committee, which is responsible for promotions across the country.

“It’s flyers, stickers and posters are made on recycled paper in printers that comply with environmental standards. The posters inscription which read: “the Planets “B” does not exist”, “Truancy in school, you can survive, climate change – no”, “March now or flood next”, “hop, hop, Hop – stop coal!”, – tells DW Bertalan.

According to him, to cover the costs of printed materials, equipment, and logistics, the organizers have announced the collection of funds. But in most cases it was about private funding. If Barcolana asked that forced students to participate in Fridays for a Future he surprisingly says: “We want to influence policy, not to sound only empty promises, and deadlines all the time did not move”.

As the students are looking for support

Vincent Bertalan, 18-year-old boy who is a member of the party “Union-90/”green” will stand as a candidate in elections to the Landtag of Brandenburg, which will take place on 1 September. He represents a new generation of Germans, who pay more attention to politics than their predecessors.

One of the brightest representatives of a new generation of environmental activists is a Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg, which is fighting against climate change. 16-year-old girl for several months, every Friday is school lessons out on picket for climate protection. In 2018, a girl with Asperger’s made the list of 25 most influential teenagers.

The stock Greta Thunberg joined thousands of students around the world. Instead on Friday to visit classes in schools, they conduct the demonstration under the motto Fridays for Future. What started with a single picket, has developed into the whole protest movement around the world.

In Germany alone there are 155 such groups. For their actions members of the environmental movement to tell the social networking Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, and on various platforms on the Internet, including Reddit and Flickr. On Youtube, the movement has its own channel. On Spotify – podcast. All the news on the topic of climate protection or organizational issues are immediately discussed and solved with the new possibilities of online communication. The initiative, which appeared on an empty place, is gaining support. “Over time we began to support various organizations and communities,” shares Vincent Bertalan.

The school protest – a topic for political debate

12,000 scientists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have signed a petition in support of this environmental movement. It says that in these three countries is not enough activities in climate protection, so the speech of students is justified. To save the planet, you need to act now. One of the signatories of the petition – Cushing Volker (Volker Quasching) of the Berlin Higher school of technology and Economics. He notes that many politicians have encouraged students to return for school desks, but not to protest.

“So we are here – said Cushing at a press conference in Berlin. – We are professionals. And we are talking about the fact that young people have the right to protest. It’s brave of you to participate in the protests, instead of go to school.” Volker Cushing, like all the other scientists who signed the petition, calls on politicians to fulfill the requirements of students. Thus, scientists also responded to the political debate about whether schoolchildren to take part in the protests.

The Minister of education of Germany Karlicek Anja (Anja Karliczek) made a criticism of the protesting students. And right-wing populists from the party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) called the protests “the use of children for political purposes.”

However, the political debate on this subject, members of the school protests get so full of hatred and insults of the message in the Network. Website traffic Fridays for Future States that regularly receives threats and insults to the movement and those individuals who represent it. The organizers for Future Fridays are not going to tolerate abuse and will go to court. “We won’t give up. Every day we create new groups that organize protests against climate change. And we want to continue this activity”.


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Протесты по пятницам: школьники обеспокоены изменением климата

Протесты по пятницам: школьники обеспокоены изменением климата

Протесты по пятницам: школьники обеспокоены изменением климата