Prozorro warned about the new rules of payment of complaints from bidders

Prozorro предупредила о новых правилах оплаты жалоб от участников торгов

The e-procurement system Prozorro warned about the new rules of payment of complaints from bidders to the Antimonopoly Committee.

“Under the new rules for ensuring receipt of payment, its return to the appellant or enumeration to the state budget meets GP “Proterra”. Therefore, the fee paid to a separate account established by the company”, – stated in the message.

Payment is made via Prozorro on the day of filing of the complaint. The participant may pay the complaint card using the online payment service LiqPay. The Commission for conducting a payment using the service is 2.5% of the amount for payment.

Also under the new rules, the bidder may pay for the filing of a complaint through the Bank.

On the creation page of the complaint need to download a template of the payment document. First we need to specify the details to return the payment for the complaint party, putting code EDRPOU legal entity or ROKN individuals, and international Bank account number standard IBAN. Then Prozorro will automatically generate a template of the payment document.

“It is very important when paying to enter all the data as indicated in the template of the payment document. Otherwise GP “Prozora” does not confirm receipt of payment for the filing of a complaint and therefore the complaint will not be sent to the AMC. The template should contain the following data: name and code of the recipient, payment amount, name of beneficiary’s Bank and his account number, purpose of payment,” – said in Prozorro.

In addition, under the new rules there is no need to load it payment order.

The system administrator does not verify this information from page of the complaint. But after the payment, by any means, it is necessary to wait for confirmation of payment from GP “Prozora.” At this point, the complaint will be in the status “draft”. After confirmation it will be activated and sent?? in the on appeal “, – explained in Prozorro.

In practice, the process of revenue, the AMC may last from several hours to three working days.

“So you need to take this into account. Already there were cases when the party conducting the payment on the last day of the period for filing a complaint, did not have time to obtain confirmation of the payment complaints. In this case, the administrator within two business days after the funds are returned, the charge party”, – stated in the message.

In the case of satisfaction or partial satisfaction of a complaint, the administrator shall transfer the fee for the filing of a complaint to the member within two working days from the date of publication of the decision of the AMC.

The same rule applies, if the complaint is left?? without consideration, or discontinued. This can happen if the customer has remedied the defects specified in the complaint.