Prytula spoke in Russian and asked for someone to hurt at the Eurovision song contest: ironic video

Притула заговорил по-русски и поинтересовался, за кого болеть на Евровидении: ироничное видео

Ukrainian TV presenter and showman Serhiy Prytula took the video in the Russian language. He appealed to his fans asking him to recommend who to vote for in the first semifinal of Eurovision-2019, which will be held today, may 14.

New video showman Serhiy Prytula has published on his page in Instagram.

Interestingly, the Ukrainian humorist, who usually communicate in the Ukrainian language, speaking Russian, and added a touch of irony in your tone.

Hi friends, greetings to all subscribers of my blog. Yes, I know, I burned my nose, I was in Egypt, but now not about it. See, today is the first semifinal of the Eurovision song contest, I’m going to comment on it (on the TV channel “STB” – LifeStyle 24). Ukraine is not involved this year. People tell me who to root for? Huh? Write in the comments who you think. Subscribe to my blog
– sarcastically said Sergey Pritula in his address.

The reaction of fans to a new video of the presenter was instantaneous. Someone joked in response, wrote that he would vote for Zelenski, and someone to take seriously his offbeat humor and claimed that Pritula and Russian is a hell of a mix.

“Sergei, you Russian not fit” “And what is that you inspired by just such a way?” “Why the language of the occupier?”, – that was the reaction of fans of Sergey Prytula.