Pskovskoe lake hides ancient anomalies

Unexplained phenomena happened in the Stone age in the 3rd Millennium BC. Scientists from the Department of archeology of Eastern Europe and Siberia intend to conduct research.

Псковское озеро скрывает древние аномалии

Pskovskoe lake Sennitsa, located in the South region, hides ancient anomalies. This was stated by Russian scientists who conducted a study in the North-West archaeological expedition of the state Hermitage. It is noted that was discovered a 14-metre stone expedition in the form of a ring, from which these rays emanate. Also archeologists found remains of settlements on stilts, where life flourished in the 3rd Millennium BC.

At the bottom of the lake, the experts noted anomalies that require detailed study. Perhaps in the Pskov region found the Russian Stonehenge and its creation will be linked with an alien civilization, since the construction of the lake is quite large size for the characteristics of the construction of Stone age. Of his writings, the scientists will report in the official order.

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