Psychedelic cyberpunk: drawing action Evolutis will be released in 2020

Психоделический киберпанк: рисованный экшен Evolutis выйдет в 2020 году

Company PM Studios would publish the two-dimensional plot action Evolutis Studio Poke Life for “all major platforms” in 2020. Probably talking about the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The developers Evolutis inspired by anime of the 80s like “Akira” and “Ghost in the shell”. The game is set in Neo-Hong Kong. The main characters are Damon watts, the grieving husband in search of (presumably) dead pregnant wife; Eric Warren, a drug addict, eager to exact revenge on those he believed involved in the murder of his cousin; Chelsea Williams, a famous but lonely female wrestler desperate to save the life of his non-biological father. Their destinies intersect with each other.

Part of the gameplay Evolutis offers to participate in action-Packed fights such as hand to hand combat and chase cars. Heroes can also use gadgets to escape and not die, shoot a gun and fight back a hoverboard.