Psychologists have denied the importance of eye contact

Психологи опровергли важность зрительного контакта

Contrary to the stereotype, people were a little sensitive to direct eye contact during a conversation.

Eye contact “eye to eye” I think the most important tool of effective communication. But new experiments conducted by researchers from Australia’s Edith Cowan University, ready to refute the psychological stereotype. Based on their data, with the same success you can watch and ear and on the forehead and on any other area of the head.

Lead author Shane Rogers (Shane Rogers) calls it a good news for all who are experiencing the inconvenience and anxiety with direct eye contact. “In Western cultures to support a stable eye contact is considered a key communicative skill, says Dr. Rogers. – However, the awe before the meeting of the eyes is not supported by scientific data.” These data, scientists report in an article published in the journal Perception.

They carried out a simple experiment consisted in a series of short, four-minute conversations prepared the researcher alternately with each of the nearly 50 volunteers. And the researcher and his interlocutors used Tobii glasses to automatically track the direction of gaze. In half of the cases the researcher was directed straight in the eyes, and the other half in his mouth.