Psychologists say that depression in children may affect parents

Experts at northwestern University in Illinois concluded in its report on adolescent depression, which was submitted to the psychological Association of the United States.

Психологи утверждают, что депрессия детей может распространяться и на родителей

Psychologists investigated the condition of 325 adolescents and their parents. Children told about their experiences, stresses and fears, after which they were divided into three groups. The first group of teenagers were subjected to cognitive therapy, the second was treated with drugs-antidepressants and the third group combined those methods.

Status of adolescents was studied for several years, also saw the emotional condition of parents. The result of the experiment revealed that successful treatment of children has borne fruit also for their parents who, as Teens, before the start of the experiment, observed depression. But as soon as the kids had the feeling that all will be well, that feeling began to spread to the parents, their condition began to improve.

It does not matter, by what method achieved a positive effect. Scientists say that depression is “contagious”, as well as other emotions.

Scientists say that the study opens up new possibilities for impact on adolescent stress and preventing the worst, severe consequences for life and health. Also opens up prospects for the improvement of the emotional state of the entire family.

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