Public schools of the Dnieper will cut the trees this year

В каких школах Днепра вырежут деревья в этом году

The Department of humanitarian policy of the Dnieper the city Council has announced a tender procedure for services on maintenance of greenery and landscaping of the schools of the Dnieper. For rejuvenation of trees, grubbing of stumps and disposal of the city Council is willing to spend 3 million 977 thousand of 121.30 / UAH.

According to the tender documents, the contractor shall remove 260,20 cubic meters of dry, emergency trees and fautny soft rocks, and also to 65.69 cubic meters of trees are solid hardwood with a trunk diameter of from 20 to 80 cm. in Addition to this, you will need to cut through with chain saws 249 trees with a trunk diameter of 30 to 90 cm and rejuvenate 353 hardwood with a diameter of from 30 to 90 cm to 176 be Uprooting stumps of trees soft and hard rocks, with diameters from 30 to 120 cm.

After cutting and disposal of old trees need to be planted 9 blue spruces (2.5 – 3 m), 217 seedlings of lime, Norway maple, mountain ash, and blue birch (3 – 3.5 m), 66 vertical bushes of juniper “Skyrocket” (1.5 – 2 m), 30 bushes of juniper middle “OldGold” (1 – 1.3 m) and 10 lilac bushes (0,7 – 1 m). On school campuses will also be planted with single row live hedge: 726 m bushes of Spiraea van-gutta, meadowsweet and English Privet (0,7 – 1 m) and 95 m boxwood evergreen.

Under the terms of the customer, in the following schools will need to perform the above complex of works:

Amur-Nizhnedneprovskiy district

“School № 134”, Sholokhov str., 17

“SSOSH No. 142,” St. Belyaev, 2

“UVK № 131”, Solomiya Krushelnytska St., 10

The Cathedral district

“School № 67”, ln Eugene Konovalets, 6

“UVK № 111”, Avenue of Heroes, 29

“UVK № 130”, Avenue of Heroes,38

Industrial area

“UVK № 138”, street Berezinsky, 29

Chachlowski district

“SOSH № 46”, Rabochaya str, 75 And

“School № 31”, street factory, 22

Novolaksky district

“SOSH № 54”, alley Sailing, 3

“School № 96”, ul Korobova, 3

“School № 143”, ul Korobova, 3D

Samara district

“SOSH № 39”, Sinelnikovskoye str., 5

The winner will be announced on March 25, and all conditions of the customer’s landscaping need to be done until 31 December 2019.

Elena Morozova.

В каких школах Днепра вырежут деревья в этом году