Published a new story trailer for the game Total War: Three Kingdoms – video

Опубликовали новый сюжетный трейлер игры Total War: Three Kingdoms – видео

Sega and Studio the Creative Assembly has released a new trailer for its tactical global strategy of Total War: Three Kingdoms. Note, the video was dedicated to Colonel Liu beyu, who is struggling with Cao Cao and cruel Dong Zhuo for power over China.

As reported by Overclockers, in addition to these three generals, the new game will offer a choice of nine characters, and for fans of historical authenticity added mode Records.

Features of the new regime. When you select a new mode, gamers will have to rely on your wits and tactics as the global war and the battle will be as realistic as possible. Their time will increase by 30%, they become less impressive and spectacular, and each of the 12 available commanders of the hero will turn into plain, and thus vulnerable person.

The trailer of the game Total War: Three Kingdoms – watch the video

However, in the Records mode, and in normal mode, the plot of Total War: Three Kingdoms would be the same.

The game’s release date. Release of the global tactical strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms would be held on may 23, 2019 only on the PC.

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