Published details of high-profile corruption scandal with the Estonian Teder, who owns the Kiev Sky Mall

Обнародованы подробности громкого коррупционного скандала с эстонцем Тедером, владеющим киевским Sky Mall

The President of Ukraine a little mistake that every foreign investor should write investment a nanny, because under the guise of a foreign investor may be hiding man is not pure thoughts. Writes about this edition of Apostrophe, describing the history of Estonian businessman Teder Hillrom, which is a co-investor of one of the largest Mall in Kiev Sky Mall.

In the order of publication got a solution to one of the courts of Tallinn, in the case of Hillar Teder. The document reveals details of a corruption scandal involving a bribe, which Teder gave the mayor of Tallinn, Edgar Savisaar. Estonian businessman was in a step from a 5-year prison term. According to the court, he was convicted, but escaped a fine of 200 thousand euros. The essence of a corruption scandal was limited to the transfer of 275 thousand Euro bribe for a decision on the exchange of property for the family of Teterow.

Teder’s wife Natalie is the owner of the company Promptus Capital, which owns real estate in Tallinn. Wife Teder want to exchange this property for another.

“As follows from the court’s records, the family of Federov didn’t do it just because urban property is very well suited for construction of resort rooms, tennis courts and the like. But Teder did not go formal and legal way to achieve the desired”, – says the publication.

In court materials have audio recordings of the conversation, which is audible as financial Secretary of the Centrist party of Estonia Kalev Kallo convinces the mayor to give the Teder city property in exchange for money, which the parties lacked for campaign advertising campaign.

“Teder was forced to admit that not give he the money of the party, he would get the city property, and he went at it deliberately. During the investigation of this case in the apartment Teder passed a humiliating search. And at the end of the trial he fully admitted his guilt,” the newspaper writes, citing court records.

Previously co-owner of Sky Mall Andrey Adamovskiy told about the story of his 10-year dispute with Teder. According to adamovsky, the Estonian investor tried to buy the publication from well-known bloggers to spread false information about his companion.

Обнародованы подробности громкого коррупционного скандала с эстонцем Тедером, владеющим киевским Sky Mall