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Опубліковано глобальний рейтинг якості життя: яке місце посіла Україна - 24 Канал

In the global ranking of quality of life Ukraine is ranked 88th place in the list of 189 countries. Were the determining criteria, indicators such as life expectancy, education levels and incomes.

This is the conclusion reached by the authors published a global ranking of human development index compiled by the United Nations development Programme (UNDP), reports DW.

Note that the authors of the index determined the level of development of Ukraine, it was 0,751. It is through this figure Ukraine is on the 88th place.

First place in the ranking went to Norway on the human development index at the level of 0,953. In second place was Switzerland with an index of gravity 0,944. The third and fourth line of the rating took Australia and Ireland and 0,939 0,938 respectively. In fifth place was Germany with a level of human development 0,936.

The first ten of the rating also hit Iceland, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapore, Netherlands.

Regarding the post-Soviet countries, the best indicator of Estonia is 0,871. Western Ukraine’s neighbors – Poland, Slovakia and Hungary ranked 33rd, 38th and 45th places respectively.

In last place in the ranking of quality of life was Niger.

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