Published images of the smartphone OnePlus 8

Опубликованы изображения смартфона OnePlus 8

Until recently, OnePlus had a tradition of releasing one flagship number of summer and autumn bring to market its slightly improved version. In the same year the company went the way of the pair of announcements, and in tandem with the regular version offered Pro-version. But in the next year OnePlus will depart from this tactic.

In the web there are persistent rumors that in the first half of the year 2020 we are waiting for a trio of newcomers, where in addition to the traditional license plate 8 flagship OnePlus will present its Pro-version of the light variation. Despite the fact that before the announcement of a very long time, insiders have already celebrated draining the images of three new products and their expected characteristics.

And today we have the opportunity to see all three smartphones in one image, which allows to estimate visually the internal differences of the devices. As the older version, OnePlus 8 Pro will be more of his fellows, and he may get dual front-facing camera, and curved at the edges of the matrix.

With the standard OnePlus 8 preference is given to single frontalka, which was written in a round hole in the upper left corner. And the facade OnePlus 8 Lite is associated with the flagships of Samsung, and all because of the fact that “is” self-module is the center of the top of a flat-panel display. Another simplification of the Lite version on the background of colleagues – a slightly thicker chin.

Опубликованы изображения смартфона OnePlus 8