Published photo decl after the heart stops: 18+

Опубликовано фото Децла после остановки сердца: 18+

In the network appeared the last photo is of the late rapper decl: for him, the show was stopped forever

As previously reported, in the Russian Izhevsk from sudden cardiac arrest died rapper Kirill Tolmatsky, acting on stage under the alias Decl.

Cardiac arrest occurred immediately after the completion of work on the stage in a night club in Izhevsk.

According to the reports of the Ministry of interior, it follows that the cause of sudden death could be alcohol consumption and Smoking. Regarding what was used by the rapper Kirill Tolmatsky is not currently specified.

You know that death came immediately. Medics who arrived to assist the actor was only able to fix the time of death.

The club, which was made by Decl, still closed. Stream about what is happening in the school can be viewed by scrolling the text down.

Decl has gained huge popularity in the last decade. He released the album “Who? you”, which has sold over a million copies. The debut album of a rapper is still one of the most successful in Russia.

Earlier it was reported that Kirill’s family issued a brief posts in their social media accounts.

Mother Irina decl Tolmatsky in his Instagram has published a black background with the caption: “Love you…..1983-2019”.

Wife of Cyril Tolmatsky Julia has also published in his account a graphical image of a musician and signed it: “God took a loved one. RIP.”

It should be noted that the first of the family decl signalled the death of his father Alexander Tolmatsky, who published in his account on the Facebook post with his picture and signed “Cyril is no more.”

Earlier it became known about the last minutes in the life of popular Russian singer decl.

The last party of Cyril Tolmatsky under pseudo Decl. Just a couple of hours before the tragedy when his heart stops – the party still walk – just like eighteen years ago…

It is known that before the death of the artist He came to Izhevsk, but not at a concert. Local dealer Nikita Pantyukhin threw a party in honor of its 30 anniversary.

It is also known that the decl was a DJ set, then a small statement.

Опубликовано фото Децла после остановки сердца: 18+

Опубликовано фото Децла после остановки сердца: 18+

Опубликовано фото Децла после остановки сердца: 18+

Опубликовано фото Децла после остановки сердца: 18+