Published prices of new desktop processors AMD Ryzen 4000

Опубликованы цены новых десктопных процессоров AMD Ryzen 4000

AMD has started deliveries of mobile AMD Ryzen 4000, but is in no hurry to send to the shelves of the first desktop “hybrids” of the family Renoir. However, some users have already managed to get the new items at their disposal, but in the network appeared detailed information about their retail price.

On the portal Videocardz published slide shows a summary table with the characteristics and cost of different models of AMD processors, including the latest series Ryzen 4000 for socket AM4. According to the source, OCTA core Ryzen 7 4750G manufacturer estimated at $309, six-core Ryzen 5 4650G will sell for $209, and the youngest chetyrehjadernyj Ryzen 3 4350G will cost $149.

It is noteworthy that the model has positioned the company as iron for assemblers and system integrators. However, according to insiders, if you want to buy the company and end users, though at a somewhat inflated price: $395, $255 and $185, respectively. Date official retail debut of CPUs the manufacturer has not yet announced.

Опубликованы цены новых десктопных процессоров AMD Ryzen 4000