Published signs of the appearance of parasites in the body

Опубликованы признаки появления паразитов в организме

Unfortunately, the eggs of parasites are found on many surfaces and banal lack of personal hygiene can cause in your body is located uninvited “guests”. Symptoms that indicate it, are easily confused with signals of other common diseases.

Diarrhea is a clear indication that the digestive system has malfunctioned. A single manifestation of diarrhea can be attributed to the use of poor quality products, but the manifestation of diarrhea more than two times in a week already clearly suggests that digestion interferes with the alien “animals”.

The presence of worms in the small intestine can speak frequent flatulence and gas formation. This is due to the inflammation of the mucous membrane. Parasites feed on beneficial micro – and macronutrients that are necessary for normal functioning of the body. Therefore, always them the appearance of marked fatigue and constant fatigue.