Pugacheva posted a photo without photoshop: “This is awful!”

Пугачева выложила фото без фотошопа: "Это жуть!"

Alla Pugacheva became the second time “young mother” in 64 years, already struggling to cope with their motherly duties. Of course, the Diva tries to give as much warmth and attention to your twins-to six-year-olds Lisa and Harry. However, these efforts, which can easily cope young women, Pugacheva already are difficult. This is especially evident in the photo published in Instagram Pugacheva and Galkin.

So, in the microblogging, Maxim Galkin was a photo where Alla Pugacheva hugging their children.

“Good day,” he signed the Maxim.

In the photo Diva hugged both kids. At this time, Lisa plays the fool, high lifting leg. Harry focused on the mobile phone. However, members drew attention not so for children, who in all forms looks gorgeous as the Dolly parton. Her face without the usual photoshop looks haggard and tired.

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A good day at home?

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Alla Pugacheva, almost simultaneously with Maxim, published a photo on his personal page. There she starred with her daughter Lisa. In this picture, the mother gently embraces the girl.

These two photos caused a surge of enthusiasm from fans of the star couple. Many admired the sincere and the good relations that prevails in the family Pugacheva and Galkina. Star parents and their adorable kids people desire happiness and peace in the house.

Some drew attention to the tired appearance of Alla Pugacheva. It is evident that maternal chores are the Diva is hard, though she tries hard. However, in the eyes, fatigue and the face, in spite of the tricks of plastic surgeons, still haggard. Of course, the young mothers, there are days when they are not in the best shape and does not look like the models on the covers of glossy magazines. However, the haters still found it necessary to recall that Alla Pugacheva’s not young, and not in the most diplomatic terms.

“Why this show?”, “This is awful!”, “Excuse me, but your eyes are very similar to the eyes of roach,” wrote the band in the comments.

“What are you marshakova!”, – said one of the haters fan of Pugacheva.

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