Punch: how to choose and where to buy

Перфоратор: как выбрать и где купить

To cope with the construction and repair works much faster if there is a punch. A powerful and reliable tool to quickly drill holes in concrete, brick and stone, reinforced concrete structures. Here are just a select it is sometimes difficult. Tell differences between models and what to pay attention to.

How to choose

The main points to be looked at consumers – quality, convenience, durability and of course price. To purchase a punch in Kiev cheap in online store Hello. On allo.ua presents wide range of products priced from 739 UAH. (some models are sold with a discount – hurry up to order).

When buying, consider the types of tools and basic parameters.

The types of drills

The purpose of the model are:

  • Household. Lightweight instruments (weigh 2-4 kg) with low power (900 watts). Perfect for home craftsmen. With their help, he will be able to perform periodic tasks.
  • Semi-professional. Weigh 5-8 kg. These models are more powerful (power – 1 kW) and performance (impact force up to 7 joules). Such a device will punch a hole even in a steel grate. Suitable for home and professional use.
  • Professional. Weigh more than 8 kg, hit the holes with force of more than 8 joules. More expensive counterparts, but can continuously work for a long time (up to 1 hour, and then they need a break for 15-20 minutes to cool them down).

The main parameters

When you buy experts also recommend to pay attention to the type of location of the motor. Are: vertical (models with larger cooling – longer work, as it does not overheat), with horizontal (more compact and maneuverable).

Also important:

  • The modes of operation. Singlemode tool suitable for drilling softer structures (for example, wood). Dual-mode (with drill and impact modes, for example) are more practical. These include most models of drills. Three-dimensional work as hammers.
  • Cartridge type – it depends on how attached to the drill bit. SDS+ is found in home appliances, he shank diameter – 1 cm, through a hole diameter up to 3 cm SDS-max is used professional tool. The diameter of its shank – 1.8 cm, hole he hits with a diameter of 5.2 cm
  • Speeds quantity – the more the better. Because the larger the nozzle diameter, the smaller the speed you need to work, not to damage it.

Finally, the equipment functionality. Well, if the model has the function of reverse, auxiliary handle to reduce vibration and to distribute properly the load. Removable or permanent dust bag reduces amount of dust during operation. The anti-blocking system protects the motor from burnout, and the soft descent makes operation more convenient, due to the absence of sharp movements when turning on the drill.

Перфоратор: как выбрать и где купить