Purchase of substandard bulletproof vests for the APU: the court took custody of major-General

Покупка некачественных бронежилетов для ВСУ: суд взял под стражу генерал-майора

The Pechersky regional court took custody of major-General, head of Department of material support of the armed forces Dmitry Marchenko in the case of purchase of substandard bullet-proof vests. The court had identified as an alternative to detention bail in the amount of 76 million UAH.

Marchenko suspected of involvement in purchase of substandard bulletproof vests for the APU at an inflated price. In the same case, the court should choose a preventive measure for 4 more suspects. In this case the suspects should be more said in his telegram.-the head of the State Bureau of investigation, the novel Pipe.

He recalled, according to the investigation, all the suspects intentionally, by prior agreement for military purchased thousands of defective bulletproof vests. What they exposed, proven expertise, said Pipe. The cost of the agreement is 176 million.

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Defense Ministry purchased 20 thousand vests “Le Corsaire” New scandal in the defense industry: as the Ministry of defence has purchased substandard body armor – video for the Ukrainian military value of 176 million. Of this amount, 7 thousand bullet-proof vests were defective: they were exposed to fire. The total cost of damages amounted to 61 million. RRT seized 11 thousand body armor, potentially life-threatening soldiers.

The RRT found that the purchase of substandard bullet-proof vests at inflated prices involved 5 officials of the defense Ministry. Among them was Dmitry Marchenko. All five announced suspicion of a crime. According to investigators, the officials knew that the vests did not meet the technical requirements.

Says Dmitry Marchenko?

In the summer of 2019 Marchenko GBR accused of fabricating audio recordings of the wiretaps in this case. According to him, the recordings of conversations of officials of the Ministry of defense, which allegedly purchased for the army defective body armor at an inflated price, are fabricated. Installation of audio recordings allegedly made of the RRG to discredit the defense.

Marchenko specified that published recordings of the first mentioned party of armor, and then throw in a snippet of conversation which doesn’t concern the party.

Answering the questions for the examination of low-quality body armor, conducted by RRG, Marchenko said that it is not seen and did not know what body armor was checked by investigators, from which party, as checked with a distance shot in which the munition and the like.